Statewide and Congressional Elections

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Statewide and congressional campaigns give Landmark the opportunity to exhibit all of our firm’s skills and resources.

We often lead by conducting a survey of voters to determine what the actual playing field looks like. We often test our position again as the election progresses to help ensure that our client is making the impact they need to win. In the closing days of an election, we will often test once again to determine if our client is “on message”.

In some cases, Landmark manages the entire campaign operation. In other campaigns we simply provide individual services as part of a campaign team, including managing direct mail efforts, mailings, phone operations, GOTV efforts, providing specialized voter phone lists, polling services, and managing production of television advertising.

Legislative Elections

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Landmark has worked for over 100 Republican state legislators since our firm’s inception in 1991.

We are proud of the part we played in helping build the new Georgia Republican majority, working to help elect many good Republicans to districts where no Republican had won before.

We are proud to have served on the front lines as one of the few permanent institutional resources available to Republican candidates throughout the 1990s. We are prouder still that our clients continue to trust us in 2014.

Judicial Elections

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From Superior Court to State Court, from Magistrate Court to statewide judicial offices, judicial campaigns and elections have become a specialty of Landmark Communications.

Landmark understands that judicial elections are very different than any other type of political campaign, and makes customized recommendations based on this fact. Mature judgment and experience in managing judicial elections are essential requirements for your entire campaign team.

Rules guiding advertising, fundraising, and public statements continue to change. Despite these changes, the public continues to hold judicial candidates to a higher standard of behavior than candidates in other types of elections.

Landmark specializes in running judicial fundraising events. We create customized campaign strategy and effective advertising programs to deliver your message to voters.

Understanding what it takes to effectively raise funds for a judicial campaign is the cornerstone of our efforts. Knowing how to effectively manage judicial political advertising is crucial to our success.

Elections for Countywide Offices Including District Attorney, Solicitor General and Sheriff

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Some of Georgia’s 159 counties are larger than many entire U.S. states. Georgia has a long history of decentralized government and a commitment to frequent local elections.
Candidates for District Attorney, Solicitor and Sheriff often face more personal campaigns than candidates for other offices.Why?These jobs are most often not about traditional ‘conservative vs. liberal’ public policy debates. Voters base their decisions on issues that are much more personal: leadership skills, honesty, and competence, all of which are personal traits.The best candidates and campaigns prepare far in advance to deal with this fact.

Good candidates will work to raise money to effectively deliver a campaign message. They will also work to inoculate themselves with well thought-out strategic planning. The best candidates deliver their campaign message with multiple methods of effective advertising including direct mail, television, phoning, radio and more.

The jobs of District Attorney, Solicitor and Sheriff are positions for executive-minded leaders who demand quality. Their campaigns need to reflect it.

Elections for County Chairman, Commission, and School Board

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The toughest of all campaigns are the elections for County Commissioner, County Chairman, and School Board.Landmark has extensively worked for county commission candidates, county chairmen, and school board members across the state.While it continues to bewilder us as to why perfectly good people choose to take the slings and arrows of a county commission campaign, we proudly stand by clients who want to take the lead by running for the toughest offices in the land.Local and county-based campaigns are unique because of the diverse competing interests, coalitions and factions that make up every race. No two county commission campaigns or school board races are the same. We customize our campaign plans and advertising to each race in recognition of this fact.

Elections for Mayor Mayoral and City Council

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Mayoral and city council campaigns cannot be run like legislative campaigns.

Because municipal elections and candidates are in such close contact to the voting public, effectively balancing quality advertising with intensive grassroots operations is essential to a successful campaign.

Landmark has worked with local, city and mayoral candidates in dozens of cities across the state.

Our firm works to successfully identify your supporters and then employs proven tactics to turn them out on Election Day.

The best campaigns don’t wait until the final month of a campaign to prepare for their direct mail and advertising. Landmark will help you set the agenda, not simply react to it.

SPLOST and Voter Referendums

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Ballot questions and referendum elections are a major focus of Landmark’s business.

Landmark has successfully worked in conjunction with citizen organizations to pass election initiatives for SPLOSTs and HOSTs to relieve traffic, improve our schools, and provide tax relief for homeowners and property owners. We have also managed multiple referenda to provide historic, groundbreaking initiatives to preserve greenspace for future generations.

While some clients have hired Landmark to helping pass initiatives, other clients in different elections have hired Landmark to help successfully defeat SPLOST and bond referendum elections.

ACCURATE TARGETING: knowing how to effectively target voters in referendum elections is the key to winning.

Effectively targeting voters for referendum elections is more precise and difficult than targeting efforts in most candidate-driven elections. Voters are highly diverse demographically, with voters from all political parties, races, genders and age groups.

Landmark can manage the entire referendum campaign from start to finish, or simply manage a component of your effort such direct mail, polling, and/or advocacy phoning.