What We Do.

 Landmark is a team of people. We are a group of highly trained political operatives, designers, writers and developers who only work on political campaigns. 

Strategic Campaign Planning

The primary reason our clients hire us is our proven record of success in creating effective campaign strategies.We work with our clients to develop and craft a compelling campaign message — and then execute persuasive advertising to promote that message.Landmark creates workable, no-nonsense campaign plans that include budgets, timelines, voter targeting, opposition research, messaging, public opinion surveys and more.


Delivering your campaign message requires innovative and effective advertising in order to break through the clutter. Effectively delivering your message takes communicating with voters in various formats. Landmark creates and manages effective direct mail, TV, phoning, radio, billboards, digital advertising to deliver your message.Ultimately our clients are responsible for final approval of all advertising content and message.


Landmark’s in-house voter database is Georgia’s most effective database voters.We create and provide candidates with effective, targeted mailing lists, walk lists, and phoning lists of voters.Landmark has been the leader in the political technological revolution since 1993 — the year we created Georgia’s first statewide electronic voter file.


Landmark conducts more political polls of Georgia voters than anyone. Our surveys don’t just tell our clients who is winning and losing: they can help determine the messages work most effectively with various types of demographic groups.Landmark’s public opinion surveys can give our clients hard, empirical data showing their initial position in public opinion, as well as what they need to accomplish in order to win.


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