AJC Political Notebook: Shafer rakes it in

September 14, 2003
AJC Political Notebook: Shafer rakes it in

State Sen. David Shafer (R-Duluth) had a whopper of a fund-raiser last week, raising between $85,000 and $90,000.

“That’s one of the highest amounts ever raised in a state Senate race in Gwinnett,” said Mark Rountree, a political consultant who represented Shafer two years ago.

Shafer said he was hoping for a mere $50,000.

“I’d like to think it is an indication of the good job I’m doing for Gwinnett County,” he said. “We formed a committee of local business leaders. We did not invite any lobbyists. We were trying to raise money in the district. There’s a danger of losing touch with the people you represent when your financing comes entirely from lobbyists and others outside the district.”

He said he sent out 500 invitations to business leaders, and about 100 people showed up at the function, held at the 1818 Club.

Shafer said his first election in February 2002 cost about $150,000, but it was less than normal because it was a 30-day campaign in a special election. He was re-elected without opposition in the 2002 general election.

“A contested primary election could cost several hundred thousand dollars if you look at the last election cycle,” he said. “We’ll probably have another fund-raiser in Atlanta later in the year.”

To that one, he will invite the lobbyists.

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