Alpharetta-Roswell Revue: Voters Approve Milton, Johns Creek

Congratulations to Landmark Clients: The citizens committees forming the new cities of Milton and Johns Creek in North Fulton
Voters approve Milton, Johns Creek

by Rosemary Taylor
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Voters in northwest and northeast Fulton County voted overwhelmingly July 18 to incorporate into the new cities of Milton and Johns Creek.

The Milton referendum passed with 83.6 percent of the vote (3,843 Yes, 647 No) for incorporation.

The Johns Creek incorporation referendum passed with 88.1 percent of the voters in Area A voting Yes and 67.1 percent of the voters in Area B (Newtown) voting Yes.

Nearly half of the registered voters in Newtown participated in the election, with two-thirds of those voting Yes for incorporation.

Precincts in Milton all ran smoothly with results posted promptly at the end of the day for all to see, except at Providence Baptist Church. For that precinct Milton supporters were forced to wait until Wednesday morning to learn that the highest turnout of Yes votes came from there.

Election Day started off without a hitch at most Johns Creek precincts, except for a 90-minute delay in opening at the Ocee Elementary precinct and only two poll workers showing up at Findley Oaks Elementary precinct.

Outside of the Barnwell Elementary School precinct in Newtown were both pro-Johns Creek supporters and pro-Roswell annexation supporters. Things were pretty calm, other than one Roswell supporter being re-directed away from voters after he ventured too close.

A Milton victory party at El Axteca on Highway 9 attracted around 200 supporters, officials and Fulton County Commission candidates Lee Morris and Bill Loughrey.

“There was nothing but enthusiasm and relief from the people that were there. We had only predicted a 75 percent vote before the election, so to come as high as we did was just great,” said Committee for the City Of Milton Chairman George Ragsdale.

At Johns Creek precincts, poll watchers – many of whom were Johns Creek supporters who had gotten themselves registered through the county weeks before – were allowed to observe the closing and wait for the posting of the results.

They then called in the actual results from each precinct and they were totaled up on a laptop at the Committee for Johns Creek headquarters. Area A was confirmed by their numbers early on, but reports were a little slower coming in from Area B, perhaps because of the large turnout.

Around 8:45 p.m. Mike Bodker, Chairman of the Committee for Johns Creek, made the announcement to an enthusiastic crowd at a victory party being held at Johns Creek Walk that they now lived in a city.

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