CBS Atlanta and Landmark Communications teamed up to release the most up-to-date poll numbers (Nov. 1st 2010)


ATLANTA — It’s a tight race for governor right now between Roy Barnes and Nathan Deal.

Today the candidates are flying across the state, trying to drum up last-minute support.

Republican Nathan Deal jumped on a plane and left Peachtree DeKalb Airport this morning.

He was joined by Gov. Sonny Perdue, Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle. They are in Augusta as of now.

Earlier today they made stops in Columbus, Macon, Tifton and Savannah.

Democrat Roy Barnes is in Macon right now. He also made stops in Savannah, Albany, Valdosta and Macon.

Barnes and Deal are expected to end their days in Atlanta.

CBS Atlanta teamed up with Landmark communications to bring you the most up-to-date numbers in the governor’s race.

The final numbers before Election Day haven’t drastically changed.

Deal leads 47 to 41 percent, short of the 50-percent mark that would avoid a runoff.

But we also asked voters what’s driving them in this race and what the winner needs to do once in office.

Nearly every person we spoke to said creating job is the No. 1 issue for Georgia’s next governor.

In an exclusive Landmark Communications poll 65 percent of those polled agree, with controlling spending and education next on people’s minds.

Many of the voters we spoke to said they don’t vote based solely on a candidate’s political party.

Mark Rountree, president of Landmark Communications, said that’s not what the poll found.

“There really were not any numbers that were very strong when it comes to issue-based reasons to vote for these candidates. This has really become a nationalized election. They’re voting based on sending a message one way or another,” said Rountree.

The poll found that 49 percent said political party is their main motivator in this race 23 percent using the candidates’ specific economic plan to decide.

But no matter the reason, with just a 6 percentage point lead going into the final day, Rountree says Deal has to focus on turning out very specific groups if he wants to avoid a runoff.

“If there is a surge in North Georgia, if there is a surge among male voters among older voters, then it’s possible for Deal to win this without a runoff tomorrow,” said Rountree. The poll also asked people if they’d already voted, and though Deal still leads among early voters, he’s only leading by 2 points.

Rountree said if it goes to a runoff Barnes will have to continue a barrage of negative attacks to have a chance to win.

Landmark Communications is a Republican firm, but they also work with Democrats.

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