Clinton improves slightly after final debate: Trump 47%, Clinton 43%, Johnson 5%

Landmark Communications Releases Latest Poll of Presidential Race in Georgia 

Clinton improves slightly after final debate: Trump 47%, Clinton 43%, Johnson 5%


(Atlanta, Georgia)—Landmark Communications, Inc. (Landmark Opinion) released its latest statewide poll of 600 Georgia likely voters on October 20. Republican Donald Trump continues to lead Hillary Clinton by a margin of 47-43%, with Libertarian Gary Johnson earning 5% of voters.

The poll was conducted entirely after the final presidential debate. Key findings:

  • Trump continues a solid lead among “senior voters” defined as those aged 65 or older, winning this age range 54%-40% for Clinton.
  • Trump is winning white voters by a margin of 66%-25% for Clinton, while Clinton leads among African American voters by 78-12%. By comparison, in 2012 Mitt Romney earned 71% of white voters in the final Landmark poll, while President Barack Obama earned 25%, the same as Clinton is currently carrying in 2012. Trump is underperforming among white voters, while Clinton is simply maintaining the same support among that demographic group.
  • Trump is carrying 51% of male voters to Clinton’s 40%, while Clinton leads among female voters by a 46-44% margin.
  • Among Independents, Clinton now leads among self-described Independent voters 57-22%, with 7.5% for Johnson. Landmark has previously stated that the number of self-described Independent voters in Georgia is falling as the election nears, with more of these voters now responding that they consider themselves “Republican.”

Among Final Debate Watchers: Clinton helped by debate

Georgians were divided over which candidate won the final debate, with 44% of voters responding Trump and 49% responding Clinton.

Clinton appears to have been helped by her performance in the debate, with 46% of those who watched the debate saying they will vote for Clinton and 45% saying they will vote for Trump.

Among those who did not watch the debate, Trump leads 55-29%.

“Ultimately the debates seem to have helped Hillary Clinton slightly more,” said Mark Rountree, President of Landmark Communications, Inc.

Landmark Methodology 

Landmark Communications, Inc. (Landmark Opinion) conducted the poll on October 20th of 600 Georgia likely voters using a mixed mode of calling both landlines and cell phones, with both live interviewers and IVR (recorded) telephone calls. The margin of error is 4%.

Landmark independently paid for and authorized this poll. No candidate, campaign or entity had input into questions or received prior information or notification of findings prior to the public release of the poll on October 21, 2016.



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