Douglas County Sentinel: Camp Wins Douglas County Commission


“Camp Won’t Need Runoff”

By Winston Jones

Charles Camp has won the District 2 Douglas County Board of Commissioners (BOC) special election without the need of a runoff.

With only provisional ballots remaining to be counted Wednesday, unofficial results showed Camp with 926 votes for 51.9 percent.

Ron Wilson ran second with 518, or 29.0 percent, and Raymond Page was third with 323 votes, or 18.1 percent. There were 16 write-in votes (1.0 percent).

Initial returns had indicated a runoff would be needed because election officials had failed to eliminate votes cast for disqualified candidate James Quarterman.

The county Board of Elections ruled June 28 that Quarterman did not meet residency requirements for candidacy.

However, ballots had already been printed, and it was too late to eliminate Quarterman’s name.
District 2 polling precincts posted signs that Quarterman’s votes wouldn’t count. However, voters still cast votes for him.

When results were first calculated, it showed Quarterman running in second place with 598 votes.

`We were supposed to isolate and take his votes out,` said Bob Akers, election superintendent.


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