Landmark Communications (Landmark Opinion)Releases Latest Georgia Polls for President, US Senate

Landmark Communications (Landmark Opinion)Releases Latest Georgia Polls for President, US Senate

Donald Trump 48%, Sen. Johnny Isakson 50%

 (Atlanta, Georgia)– Landmark Communications, Inc. [Landmark Opinion) conducted a statewide poll of likely Georgia voters on October 11th and 12th, finding that Republican Donald Trump continues to lead Hillary Clinton by a margin of 48-42%. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is earning support from 4% of likely voters.

Landmark‚Äôs poll finds that Trump is winning 52% of the so-called “senior vote,” those aged 65 and over, and is also currently winning 68%of white voters. The race has stabilized since the close of the party conventions in August. There ultimately has been little change in polling numbers in Georgia despite significant negative publicity for both candidates.

Trump has secured 85% of the Republican vote while Clinton carries 89% of Democrats.

“Despite taking on some negative publicity, Republican Donald Trump has continued to maintain his level of support here in Georgia,” said Jordan Fuchs, vice president of Landmark Communications, Inc. 

U.S. Senate Poll Findings

Landmark also polled the race for U.S. Senate, finding that Sen. Johnny Isakson now leads Democrat Jim Barksdale by a 50-37% margin. Five percent of voters say they plan to vote for Libertarian candidate Allen Buckley.

These US Senate poll numbers are significant because the Barksdale campaign has repeatedly previously stated that Isakson hasn’t reached the polling threshold of 50% of the vote, Landmark finds that Isakson has now crossed that 50% threshold.

“It appears that the Barksdale campaign has grinded to a halt, while Senator Isakson’s campaign has solidified his vote,” said Jordan Fuchs, vice president of Landmark Communications. “If this trend continues, Senator Isakson will win reelection by a double digit margin.”

Comparing the Differences in Trump and Isakson Poll Numbers:

“The biggest difference between Trump and Isakson’s numbers is among female voters,” said Jordan Fuchs, Vice President of Landmark Communications. “Senator Isakson leads among women by one percentage point (44-43%), while Trump is losing among women voters by nine percentage points  (40-49%).


Landmark Communications, Inc. (Landmark Opinion) conducted the poll on October 11-12th, 2016 of 1,400 likely Georgia voters. The poll was conducted with IVR methodology and supplemented with live calls to capture difficult to reach voters. The poll has a margin of error of 2.7%. Landmark independently paid for and authorized the poll. No candidate, campaign or entity had input into questions or received prior information or notification of findings prior to the public release of the poll on October 13, 2016.



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