New Landmark/RosettaStone Poll Shows David Perdue Taking Lead in Georgia Republican Primary For US Senate

Perdue 21%, Kingston 15%, Broun 15%, Gingrey Drops to 12.5%

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(Atlanta)—A new poll that identifies David Perdue as the new leader in the Georgia Republican Primary for U.S. Senate was released Tuesday by Landmark Communications, Inc. and Rosetta Stone Communications, LLC. The poll was commissioned Sunday and Monday, March 23-24, by WSB-TV Channel 2 in Atlanta.

Perdue leads among Georgia Republican primary voters with 21% of the vote, while both Congressmen Jack Kingston and Paul Broun tie for second and earn 15% each. Congressman Phil Gingrey, at 12.5%, previously led the field in most Georgia statewide polls, but his support has dropped nearly ten points from initial polling numbers reported by Landmark/RosettaStone in March of 2013. Former Secretary of State Karen Handel carries 10%.

“It’s clear that Perdue’s strategic decision to invest in an early television media buy is paying off,” said Mark Rountree, President of Landmark Communications, Inc. “His ads have had an impact on voters. in fact, the two candidates who have invested in television ads, Perdue and Kingston, have seen the largest increase in support among voters.”

“It is obvious that David Perdue has bought himself instant name identification with a massive statewide media blitz,” said John Garst, President of Rosetta Stone Communications, LLC. “His numbers are a steady 20% across all demographic and geographic lines. He has no obvious base of support among any one particular group.”



Landmark Communications, Inc and Rosetta Stone Communications conducted a statewide poll on March 23 and March 24 of 600 Likely Voters in the May Republican Primary. Only voters who fully completed the survey were tabulated in the results. The poll was conducted Sunday, March 23, 2014, and results reflect only respondents who stated that they intend to vote in the 2014 Republican Primary. The poll was conducted by telephone using IVR technology. The margin of error of the survey is 4%. To be consistent with previous and projected voter turnout, results are weighted based on age and gender. 


Landmark Communications, Inc. and Rosetta Stone Communications, LLC. are political firms based in Atlanta, Georgia. The firms regularly conduct and release public opinion surveys regarding politics. The firms jointly conducted this survey.

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